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9th and 9th

Living in 9th and 9th neighborhood

With fewer than 1,500 residents, this neighborhood astounds visitors regarding its offerings and diversity. The small neighborhood features numerous architectural styles of homes, many of which were built within the first half of the 20th century. While English cottage style is prominent in 9th and 9th, there are homes built in the Arts and Crafts and Prairie School architectural styles. There also is a sizable stock of affordable bungalows that accentuate the neighborhood’s urban chic character. The neighborhood is a well-balanced mix of younger families with children and single-person households (approximately one-third), which is higher than average compared to other SLC neighborhoods. The 9th and 9Th area also is one of the city’s most walkable areas and is close to Liberty Park, a popular destination for outdoor recreation and social gatherings.

9th and 9th area schools

Given its proximity to downtown and the main campuses of The University of Utah and Westminster College as well as a central business district campus for Salt Lake Community College, educational opportunities are never far away for 9th and 9th residents. In addition to neighborhood public schools, the area is home to Rowland Hall-St. Mark’s college preparatory school for Pre-K-12.

Shopping in 9th and 9th neighborhood

Many locally-owned businesses thrive in the 9th and 9th neighborhood. They include Coffee Garden, Pago restaurant and eateries specializing in Thai and Mediterranean cuisine. There is a surprising assortment of boutique specialty shops including Orchid Dynasty that features more than 200 varieties. The shops feature items from hard-to-find brands that would typically be found only in the largest international urban centers. For more than 20 years, the East Liberty Community Council has hosted an annual 9th and 9th Street Festival that brings more than 100 vendors to the neighborhood each September.

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